Global Mobility and International Employees

Global Mobility and International Employees

Deploying international employees can offer companies options beyond their current reach and expand their businesses to new horizons. While global expansion creates a myriad of opportunities, there can also be a number of associated challenges and roadblocks to watch out for.

Pros and Cons of an International Venture

Reasons that companies may choose to employ workers in international locations can bring in a number of  benefits:

Expansion in the existing markets by ensuring a global company presence

By entering into an untapped market, companies may find that their products or services are not widely offered in today’s international setting, and will have significant revenue potential.  Another key objective behind  setting up  a  company in a foreign market is creating a global footprint. Such a strategic move can lead to favorable outcomes such as increased brand recognition and gaining more attention from potential competitors, partners, and clients.

Employee Development

International employee development provides opportunities for growth both for employees as well as the company. From an employees’ perspective, there are potential growth opportunities in an international setting to accelerate their career. Deployment in a foreign location also provides opportunities to gain knowledge and enhance skills. From an organizations’ POV, deploying employees internationally puts them on a fast-track growth path through expansion,  talent development,  and mobilization of  the company’s overall workforce.

Strategic Employee Placement

Companies that have qualified and skilled workforce, are  ready to implement the plans seamlessly taking on the potential challenges that an alien environment may pose. To overcome these challenges, employees need to be  familiar with both the new set up and the surrounding area. A Forbes post states that “International assignments are a great career development tool and, at the same time, help organizations address talent shortages, close skill gaps and accelerate growth.”

Despite the numerous advantages of deploying employees overseas, there are the associated risks and penalties as well if the execution does not live up to the expectations. Companies may fail in international markets for various reasons. A few of the  common reasons for failure are the wrong choice of market, misreading international trends i.e., a product that sells well in the U.S. may not do nearly as well in another country and expanding too late as the target market has already reached the point of saturation. Unfortunately, if a company is unable to  continue its operations in a foreign country, it may face significant financial penalties in addition to legal liabilities. These liabilities often include wrongful termination suits that result in heavy payouts,  making financial operations difficult for a corporation.

How a PEO Can Give You the Edge without any Financial or Legal Hassles

There are various ways  for companies to test the waters in  an overseas market without investing  too much time, money, and other resources. One of the most effective ways is opting for international PEO services. Companies can partner with a reputable international PEO firm like Global PEO Services that will assist companies in setting up a base in the country of their choosing. The PEO firm will staff the emerging corporation’s business by recruiting skilled resources legally in the payroll of the PEO firm. However, they will carry out their job responsibilities as employees of the client. This is an easy and cost-effective solution. Even if a client realizes the business environment of a specific international location is not favorable for long-term business operation and decides pull out quickly, they can do so without having to pay  any penalties.


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